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Clear Brook Portable Water Filters
Travel and camping water bottle filters for backpackers and travelers

So Effective...You can drink water
from lakes, streams or tap!

Just Fill, Squeeze & Drink Clear Water!

Effectively Reduces 99.99% of Contaminants such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E-Coli and more!

  • Reduces Lead & Heavy Metals, Chlorine, VOC's, Bad Tastes & Odors!

  • Lightweight, yet rugged!

  • Holds 22 ounces

  • Clear  lexan, impact-resistant cover and patented no leak push valve

  • Replaceable filter provides up to 160 refills per filter

  • 100% USA made

No matter where you are you can rest assured that you are drinking SAFE water with our portable solution! Use at home, office, travel, exercising, sports events, disasters, etc.

(Safe drinking water without iodine)

(bottles include filter) CLBK-CB22



Clearbrook Filter


Clear Brook
Portable Water Filter Bottle
(bottles include filter)CLBK-CB22

1 bottle $24.95 each
2 bottles $22.46 each
6 bottles $21.31 each

Yes, send me an extra replacement filter
 for each bottle ordered - adds $9.99 per bottle.
Buying now with bottle saves $2 per filter


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Clear Brook Water Bottle Instructions

How To Use: Remove cap and filter. Fill bottle with water. Insert filter. Affix cap firmly. Flip cap to open. Squeeze bottle for filtered water. Always flush new filter once to remove fine particles from the filter.

Use & Care Instructions: 

  • Always use the cleanest water whenever possible. Dirty water may prematurely clog the filter and greatly reduce the filter life expectancy. Filter will last up to one year under normal use.

  • When filter is not used regularly, remove filter from bottle and allow to air dry. Store filter dry when not used daily. Filter can be stored indefinitely until first activated.

  • Clean bottle regularly. Always remove filter before cleaning bottle. Don use cleaning detergents on filter.

  • Do not allow unit to freeze. Do no place filter in dishwasher or microwave oven. Do NOT run hot water through filter.

This filter is not intended for use with saltwater


Clearbrook Portable Water Filter Test Results

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)
Household-cleaning compounds, industrial wastes, insecticides

Contaminant Potential Health Effects Reduction
1,1 Dichloroethane Liver, kidney, nervous system damage 99.80%
1,1 Dichloroethylene Liver, kidney damage, cancer 99.80%
1,1,1 Trichloroethane Liver, nervous system damage 99.76%
1,1,2,2 Tetrachloroethane Pending study 99.76%
1,1,2 Trichloroethane Liver, kidney, nervous system damage 99.76%
1,2,4 Trichlorobenzene Liver, kidney damage 99.80%
1,2 Dichlorobenzene Liver, kidney, lung damage, cancer 99.71%
1,2 Dichloroethane Cancer 99.80%
1,2 Dichloropropane Liver, kidney, circulatory, nervous system 99.80%
1,4 Dichlorobenzene Cancer 99.71%
4,4 DDD, 4,4 DDT Cancer 98.80%
Arochlor 1260 (PCB) Cancer 94.50%
Benzene Cancer, leukemia, anemia 99.50%
Carbon Tetrachloride Cancer 99.63%
Chlorobenzene Liver, kidney, nervous system damage 99.20%
cis 1,2 Dichloroethylene Liver, kidney, circulatory, nervous system 99.80%
DBCP Dibromochloropropane Reproductive system damage, cancer 99.00%
Ethylbenzene Liver, kidney, nervous system damage 99.53%
MTBE Cancer 99.80%
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB's) Endocrine disrupter, cancer 94.50%
Styrene Liver, kidney, nervous system damage 99.43%
Tetrachloroethylene Nervous system damage, cancer 99.80%
Toluene (Methylbenzene) Liver, kidney, nervous system damage 99.80%
Total Xylene Liver, kidney, lungs, mucous membrane nervous system 99.90%
Trans 1,2 Dichloroethylene  Liver, kidney, circulatory, nervous system damage 99.80%
Tricholoroethylene (TCE) Cancer 99.76%
Vinyl Chloride Liver, immune system, nerve damage 99.80%

by-products of chlorine disinfection

Contaminant Potential Health Effects Reduction
Bromodichloromethane Muscle, nervous system damage, cancer 99.73%
Bromoform Muscle, nervous system damage, cancer 99.46%
Chloroform Muscle, nervous system damage, cancer 99.50%
Dibromochloromethane Muscle, nervous system damage, cancer 99.46%

Microbiological Organisms

Contaminant Potential Health Effects Reduction
Cryptosporidium Gastro-enteric diseases 99.90%
E.Coli Gastro-enteric diseases 99.10%
Giardia Gastro-enteric diseases 99.99%

Trace metals, Turbidity

Contaminant Potential Health Effects Reduction
Lead Kidney, nervous system, highly toxic to infants & pregnant women 99.00%
Mercury Kidney, nervous system disorders 99.25%
Aluminum Respiratory, nervous system disorders 99.00%
Arsenic Skin, nervous system damage 17%
Nitrates & Nitrites Spleen hemorrhage, diuresis, death 88.43%
Cadmium Kidney damage 85.75%
Chromium Liver, kidney, circulatory system disorders 93.72%
Copper Gastro-enteric diseases 98.50%
Chlorine Residual Cancer, birth defects 94.1%
Turbidity (silt, sand, sediment) Interferes with disinfection 85%
Total suspended solids   99.0%


Contaminant Potential Health Effects Reduction
Radon 222 Cancer 99.0%

Please note substances listed may not be in all users' water. Complete state and EPA registered laboratory test protocols and results are available upon request.

Laboratory Test Results for Clearbrook Bacteriostatic Water Filters

Taste & Odor Reduction

% of rated service life Cumulative gallons Influent ppm Effluent* ppm % FAC* reduced
0% 0 2.0 <0.2 90+
10% 1,080 2.2 <0.2 90+
50% 5,000 2.0 <0.2 90+
80% 8,000 2.0 <0.2 90+
100% 10,000 2.0 <0.2 90+

Two water treatment units were evaluated for taste & odor reduction claims by the procedures described in National Sanitation Foundation Standards, number 42, Aesthetic Effects. Chlorine was determined by method 330.5, Methods of Chemical Analysis of Water and Waste, USEPA Environmental Monitoring and Support Laboratory, Cincinnati. The results of these tests are presented above. The concentration of free available chlorine at the effluent was radically lower than the influent at every test point. The performance of the units far exceeds the standards as specified in NSF Standards, number 42. 
*Below detection limits (Gas Chromatagraph)


Volatile Organics Reduction

% of rated service life Cumulative gallons Influent concentration Effluent concentration
start 0 0 <0.10 mg/l
20% 2,000 0.50 mg/l <0.10 mg/l
40% 4,000 0.50 mg/l <0.10 mg/l
60% 6,000 0.50 mg/l <0.10 mg/l
80% 8,000 0.50 mg/l <0.10 mg/l
100% 10,000 0.50 mg/l <0.10 mg/l
120% 12,000 0.50 mg/l <0.10 mg/l

The above test results were performed by the University of Alabama, Department of Chemistry. Influent concentrations were set at 500 ppb (parts per billion), over the suggested NSF Standard 53 level of 450 ppb, but within the +/-   20% range of chloroform.


Bacteriological Test Results 

% of rated service life Cumulative gallons Influent bacteria (organisms per ml) Effluent:

Ordinary filter #1

Ordinary filter #2 Ordinary filter #3  Clearbrook filter #1 Clearbrook filter #2 Clearbrook filter #3
0% 0 0 15 28 10 36 6 18
10% 1,000 80l <1 1 <1 1 <1 1
25% 2.500 120l 14 12 80 1 <! <1
50% 5,000 800 50,000l 180,000 225,000 <1 1 <1
75% 7,500 28l 18,000 36,000 54,000 4 <1 <1
95% 9,500 480l 500,000 600,000 750,000 1 <1 <1
110% 11,000 540l 900,000l 1,200,000 1,400,000l 6l 180l <1

The above test results were conducted on three ordinary carbon filters and three Clearbrook bacteriostatic filters identified as EPA reg. #51160-1. The test was conducted according to the following protocols: National Sanitation Foundation, Std. #42 & 53 and Federal Register, Vol. 41, #152, 8/5/76. The tests shown above were conducted in an independent EPA certified laboratory and demonstrate that the bacteriostatic units designated Clearbrook filter #1, #2, #3 are indeed bacteriostatic and dramatically reduce the level of bacteria contained within the unit.


It is a fact that municpally treated water can, by law, contain allegedly harmless bacteria. In ordinary water filters, the carbon bed containing trapped organic compound becomes a growth medium for bacteria. When ordinary carbon filters are not in use, such as overnight or vacations, a potential buildup of the bacteria trapped within the bed exists. After some time, the filter bed can contain millions of bacteria.

Clearbrook filters contain a specially formulated media that inhibits the growth or regrowth of bacteria within the filter bed. This special formula makes the Clearbrook bacteriostatic water filter a complete water treatment system that clarifies, deodorizes and filters all in one easy step.


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